We join together in hope and determination to create a more peaceful future. But we also come together in shared grief for the loss of precious life due to violence in all of its forms, including terrorist, state, corporate and domestic.

We grieve for the loss of life and injury due to acts of terrorism. The following locations suffered attacks in just the past 6 months: Barcelona; Charlottesville, USA; Turku, Finland; Stockholm, Sweden; Manchester and London in the UK; Paris and Nice in France; Berlin, Germany; Brussels, Belgium; Surgut, Russia; Maiduguri, Nigeria; Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso; Kabul, Afghanistan; Baghdad, Iraq; Quetta, Pakistan; Marawi, Philippines and so many more.

We reject policies that favor profits over people. We remember those who died in Grenfell Tower, London; drowned in Houston, Texas, migrant workers in Qatar, factory workers in Bangladesh and so many others.

We must stop unregulated development that damages our planet. The livelihoods of those on the frontline of global warming are being decimated along with irreversible loss of species and habitats.

We abhor the criminalization of our LGBTQI+ friends and family who, in many parts of the world, are rejected, persecuted and even killed because of whom they love.

We will fight for the men and women of color who have died or been harmed at the hands of authorities. We stand with their families who display courage and resilience while seeking truth, accountability and justice.

We shine a light on the privileged who benefit from racist policies and we insist on equal rights for all as the only path towards justice.

We must educate our children so that they will not perpetuate this systemic racism, while preparing them for the responsibility of creating a better legacy for our communities.

We denounce the lives lost and forever destroyed by domestic violence and the use of women’s bodies as weapons of war by devastating generations through deprivation of basic rights, rape and subjugation.

We give our protection to those refugees driven from homes and countries devastated by war and other causes beyond their control – and for those, including countless innocent children, who remain homeless and vulnerable.  We defend those held in detention centers, whose human rights are not being respected.

We cannot allow the devastation and huge loss of life due to war to continue in places like Syria, Yemen, South Sudan and Afghanistan. We stand as witnesses to the political promotion of an arms industry that puts weapons in the hands of human rights abusers.

We will see each other.  We will hear each other. We will learn from each other.