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Starting on 13 September 2019, Women’s March Global and Stand with Kashmir will launch a mini-course webinar series on the current crisis in Kashmir. We welcome anyone who wants to learn about the ongoing situation in Kashmir, as well as the history leading up to present day Kashmir.  

The most densely militarized region in the world, Kashmir is in the midst of incredible conflict and struggle. The mini-course will encompass a range of topics and speakers In an effort to share knowledge and educate people on the complexity and history of the conflict. 


10 April 2020, 4pm GMT
The Place of Kashmir in Bollywood: Violent Nationalism and Colonial Fantasy



13 Sept, 9am EST
How Can You Advocate for Kashmir?

17 Sept, 9am EST
Why is Kashmir the most dangerous place on earth right now | A brief history of Kashmir and why it matters

02 Oct, 1530 EST
How to survive in the world’s most militarized zone | Daily life under occupation

16 Oct, 8am EST
Sexual Warfare | women and resistance in Kashmir

28 Oct, 9am EST
Art and Resistance in Kashmir