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@uelimaurer you have 1.5 weeks to sign the @AustraliaUN_GVA statement calling for an end to human rights violations by #SaudiArabia. #FreeSaudiActivists. We urge you to sign the statement now! @ISHRglobal @CIVICUSalliance @ADHRB @GulfCentre4HR @whrdmena @equalitynow @WM_Global



Dear Swiss Ministry of Foregin Affairs,

On Monday 23 September, Australia led 23 members states at the United Nations in a statement critising the Saudi Kingdom for their continued human rights abuses and the torture and imprisionment of Saudi Women Human Rights Defenders. 

However I am disappointed to see that the Swiss government has not signed on to that statement nor did you sign on to the Statement Iceland led in March 2019, continuing non-action on the part of Switzerland in the face of a human rights crisis in Saudi Arabia. Has your commitment to Human Rights and Women’s Rights changed? I encourage the foreign ministry to reconsider your position and stand on the right side of history and support the call in demanding human rights in Saudi Arabia.

Many thanks,