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@CyprusMFA you have 1.5 weeks to sign the @AustraliaUN_GVA statement calling for an end to human rights violations by #SaudiArabia. #FreeSaudiActivists. We urge you to sign the statement now! @ISHRglobal @CIVICUSalliance @ADHRB @GulfCentre4HR @whrdmena @equalitynow @WM_Global


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Dear Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

On Monday 23 September, Australia led 23 members states at the United Nations in a statement criticising the Saudi Kingdom for their continued human rights abuses and the torture and imprisonment of Saudi Women Human Rights Defenders.

However I am disappointed to see that Cyprus has not signed on to that statement especially given that Cyprus signed on to the statement that Iceland led in March 2019. Has your commitment to Human Rights and Women’s Rights changed? I encourage the foreign ministry to reconsider your position and stand on the right side of history and support the call in demanding human rights in Saudi Arabia.

Many thanks,