Our second of 5 actions to EndVAW (Violence Against Women) is a mini course in partnership with Equality Now:  “The Law and Sexual Violence, Identifying Failings in the Law and Mobilising for Change.”  We hope to educate and raise awareness of the efforts to reform sexual violence laws globally, recent successes and the striking distance we still need to travel.

Around the world, rape and sexual abuse are everyday violent occurrences. Despite the pervasiveness of these crimes, laws are insufficient, inconsistent, not systematically enforced and, sometimes, promote violence.

Women’s March Global is partnering with Equality Now for the month of March for the 5 actions to EndVAW campaign. Equality Now is an international network of lawyers, activists, and supporters working to achieve legal and systemic change that addresses violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world.

Equality Now’s 2017 report, The World’s Shame, found that governments still have a long way to go to transform their laws, policies and practices into instruments to:

    1. Prevent sexual violence,
    2. Provide better access to justice for victims (including specialised services), and  
    3. Effectively punish sexual violence crimes.

Equality Now will join Women’s March Global to host a month-long online mini-course on sexual violence laws worldwide, including the movements driving changes in the law and demanding access to justice for survivors.

The Women’s March Global Mini-Course will feature talks with Equality Now’s extensive network of experts and advocates where one will be able to learn and gain insights about sexual violence laws globally.

These courses will be conducted online, every Wednesday, on Women’s March Global’s Facebook page for the month of March. See below for a complete schedule.

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WMG Mini-Course with Equality Now Videos