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National Solidarity Speakout: We #BelieveChristine

Too many of us have stories like Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s. Too many of us have never felt safe enough to share them. Dr. Blasey Ford has shown incredible courage coming forward about Brett Kavanaugh’s attempt to rape her 36 years ago. She has given us the courage to share our own stories.

Dr. Blasey Ford is scheduled to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee about her attempted rape on Thursday. That same day, on Thursday, September 27, survivors will gather at their Senators’ offices across the country and share their own testimonies of assault. They will #HearOurVoice.


The Plan


  • Find an action near you here. If you don’t see one listed in your area, create your own!
  • Wear black and write “I BELIEVE” on your hands in marker.
  • Bring a letter asking your Senator to vote NO on Kavanaugh. Click here to download a sample letter that you can print out and deliver, or you can write your own!


We are asking for actions to be hosted at 12:00pm wherever you are. At 12:30 pm, we’re asking everyone to hold one minute of silence in solidarity with Dr. Blasey Ford and survivors everywhere who have been silenced for too long. During the minute of silence, hold your hands high to show the message “I BELIEVE” written on your palms. Your Senator needs to knows that you, like millions of women, femmes, and allies, #BelieveChristine.


NOTE: When you’re setting up your event and recruiting volunteers to roles, make an effort to invite crisis counselors to be present for care during the speakout. Regardless, not everyone is in a place where they can or want to share their story of assault. That’s okay. You don’t don’t owe anyone a description of your trauma. We still believe you. Your story is still real, and it still matters, even if you aren’t able or do not want to share it.


Supporting Events

Columbus, Ohio

Milan, Italy

Paris, France