Ninety-seven percent of women across Latin America live in countries that have oppressive anti-abortion laws. On June 13th, Argentina’s lower house voted to pass that would seek to decriminalise abortion up to 14 weeks of pregnancy. On August 8th, after weeks of sessions and debates, the upper house of Argentina’s congress will take a vote on the legalization of abortion in all cases. A vote in favor of legal abortion will signal a change for the region. Other countries in Latin America, with similarly rigid anti-abortion laws, have been collaborating to bring an end to forced pregnancies, and the highest cause of maternal mortality: clandestine abortions. A change in Argentina could be a watershed moment for the struggle for legal abortion in the region and worldwide.

Social movements in Argentina have been working towards this moment for decades and it is imperative that those who care about reproductive justice, women’s health and safety, and human rights are supporting those bearing the green bandana (a symbol of legal, safe, and free abortions) in front of Argentina’s congress. Currently, Argentine activists at the forefront of the struggle are working diligently to move undecided senators towards a Yes vote. It’s time for the Women’s March Global community to take action for reproductive health and women’s right to bodily autonomy and bring about monumental changes in Argentina.

Here Are 3 Ways You Can Take Action


1. Tweet at the Vice President and Senators who are currently undecided for the upcoming vote on the Legalisation of Abortion.  (list below)

  1. Send the following message(s) on Twitter to the Vice President (@gabimichetti) and senators listed below
    1. (In Spanish): Vota SI por la salud. Vota SI por la seguridad. Vota SI por el progreso! Vota SI por derechos! #AbortoLegalYa #QueSeaLey
    2. (In English) Vote YES for health. Vote YES for safety! Vote YES for progress! Vote for YES for rights #LegalAbortionNow #LetItBeLaw #ThisIsGlobal (
    3. (In Spanish) @gabimichetti no apoya la despenalización del aborto, ella no apoya a las mujeres. TODAS la mujeres del mundo se deben unir y demandar un cambio. Vota SI por el aborto legal. #AbortoLegalYa #QueSeaLey
    4. (In English) @gabimichetti does not support the legalisation of abortion, she does not support women. ALL Women worldwide must unite together and demand change. Vote YES for Legal Abortion.  #ThisIsGlobal #AbortoLegalYa ( (Use the list below to send this message to the undecided senators).
  2. Call the Vice President (if you are Spanish Speaking) here with this message:
    1. Las mujeres de Argentina han exigido el derecho a tomar decisiones sobre sus propios cuerpos. Como vicepresidente, es su responsabilidad escuchar a las mujeres y apoyar sus necesidades. Criminalizar el aborto no resultará en menos abortos, sino a la muerte y la inseguridad de las mujeres. Apoya el proyecto de ley de Interrupción Voluntaria del Embarazo.

2. Share on social media a picture of yourself wearing something green with hashtag #AbortoLegalYa  #QueSeaLey #ThisIsGlobal

3. Sign the Petition Letter addressed to Argentinian senators. The letter has been translated into multiple languages.

Undecided Senators


Omar Perotti (PJ-Santa Fe) @omarperotti;

Juan Carlos Romero (PJ-Salta) @RomeroxSalta;

Eduardo Costa (UCR-Santa Cruz) @EduardoCostaSC ;

María Belén Tapia (UCR-Santa Cruz) @MariabTapia;

Julio Martínez (UCR-La Rioja) @JulioMartinezLR ;

Inés Blas (PJ-Catamarca) @SenadoraBlas;

Juan Carlos Marino (UCR-La Pampa) @Juancmarino ;

Daniel Lovera (PJ-La Pampa) @DanielLoveraLP ;

Ángel Rozas (UCR-Chaco) @angelrozaschaco;;

Eduardo Aguilar (PJ-Chaco) @eduar_aguilar;

José Alperovich (PJ-Tucumán) @JoseXTucuman;

Dalmacio Mera (PJ-Catamarca) @dalmaciomera;

Magdalena Solari Quintana (Frente Renovador – Misiones)

Vice Presidenta Gabriela Michetti @gabimichetti

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